Sunday, September 17, 2006

Running for Congress – Don’t bet the house

A friend of mine just ran for congress. He lost the primary. Lesson learned – don’t bet the house. My friend spent his own hard earned money trying to get the message out. In the end he garnered barely 10% of the vote. It was not that his ideas were bad or wrong. His ideals and lack of sufficient funds cost him the election. You simply can’t run for congress without tremendous financial support. You won’t get financial support from wealthy backers if you don’t make promises you won’t want to keep. My friend wanted to remain independent. He did not accept money if it meant faithfully towing the party line and for that he was punished.

I now know first hand that campaign reform is essential to our crumbling democracy. While we are busy making the World safe for democracy, America is witnessing the futility of our own democracy.

Term limits are a must. Only if congressional terms are limited to two consecutive two-year terms can the people really get honest decision making in government. Under the current system only a machine can win and only a machine can defeat a machine. The ability for an independent thinker to gain federal office is essentially non-existent. The machine is in firm control of our two-party system and our two-party system is in firm control of federal campaigns.

Term limitation is the most efficient way to allow the typical American the potential to gain elected office. With term limitation some of the financial incentive is taken away from the machine, the perpetual “professional politician” is at least hindered.

Remember, professional politicians vote in their own best interest, not yours.


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