Sunday, September 17, 2006

Darwin says leave the child behind

No child left behind is another example of silly government. Yet another unfortunate example of politicians pandering for votes by “doing good”. When it comes to educating our children, both the secular left and the religious right should be able to find common ground.

For the secular, evolutionary theory suggests that we ought not interfere with natural selection. If a student selects not to learn, leave that student in the slow lane. Darwin will lead them to my door where they can always find work scrubbing my floors or tending my garden.

For the religious adherent. let the child take their lumps. It is all in God’s hands. If God wants that child for a higher purpose, God will provide that child with the gift of curiosity and the desire to learn.

Whether God fearing or secular our society and its education system have no obligation to make children learn or to succeed. Schools should only invest in those who want to learn and release the rest for menial work. Someone has to do the dirty work in America. Let the dirty work be done by those who lack intellectual curiosity. They are the best fit for menial work. That has always been the way of the world and America cannot escape this truth.


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