Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Cold War in Public Schools

When I was a student in the Baltimore Public School System in the 60’s and 70’s we had a clear idea of who the enemy was and where they lived. We were taught in social studies and geography that we were the world’s greatest nation. Students of the era were taught that Russia and China were our sworn enemies and a threat to be reckoned with. We were taught that capitalism was the greatest system ever devised by and for a free people and that communism was an atrocity against God and humanity.

Imagine that, declaring an enemy in public schools, actually pointing the finger. Just thirty years later and the politically correct liberals have taken control of our public education system. Students are not taught who our enemies are or even if there is such a concept as an enemy. They are taught that all people and forms of government have merit worth considering. They are taught that every person is basically good. This is because they fear offending the obvious parties. Our public schools have gone PC. The American Empire crumbles from within. Liberal teachers, armed with politically correct textbooks, teach that the USA is less than perfect and hardly in a position to righteously declare an enemy.

Modern teachers equivocate. They refuse to take a stand and declare America for what she truly is, the greatest nation and civilization ever to grace planet Earth. An entire generation is being taught that America is not all that hot. This new generation of Americans will not recognize evil when they see it. Their future dithering will bring about the collapse of America and global devastation.


Anonymous light said...

Hi, thanks for commenting in my blog.

Russia and China are not the enemies. They have nuclear capabilities, but so do we. If one person has money, wouldn't others want money? China supports Iran, but we also do business with China.It's a sticky situation.

America will collapse eventually. More countries are using the Euro because the value of a dollar is decreasing. Even Canadians are coming to the US as tourists because things are cheaper here than over there. The dollar isn't what it used to be.

Bush and the GOP are partly to blame for Americans recognizing that "America is not all that hot." America is outsourcing, which is hurting our economy more than it's benefiting us. Our education system is not as efficient as it used to be. I happened to see a headline of an article on msn that said that American students are now interested in studying in British universities and colleges.

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Blogger Saltworks said...

Good points. I agree that the dollar may slide forever. It is hard to see how we can burn money endlessly fighting wars while having a trade deficit while having tax cuts while having to borrow money from Asian countries.

Our financial house is in disorder, a disorder that would not be tolerated of any other nation. We get away with it only because we are America and we are ourselves unprecedented.

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Blogger fetching jen said...

Liberal teachers, together with the liberal media are working toward the demise of America as the greatest nation on God's green earth... brainwashing kids, spewing lies on the NBC Nightly News and in the words of the New York Times. As conservative parents, it is our responsibility to counter these attacks by teaching our kids the truth, along with a love of country. My son is a high school senior and does battle with his teachers everyday, risking his grades in attempting to expose their agenda. It's a tough job here on the Left Coast.
(thanks for visiting my blog)

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